Cattystack Cat


Species: Felis Catus (Cat)
Gender Male
First Appearence Farts n' Buttets
Uploaded by BadBoyFilms




Girlfriends Fame Kitty


Mr Cat

Mrs Cat

Cattystack is an orange cat who lives in Fartsburg. Cattystack's best friend Pooplow, is a penguin. He named after the movie Caddyshack and his body comes from Scratch, where he is "Scratch Cat".

Bio[edit | edit source]

He is an orange cat, named punned from the movie Caddyshack. He is best friends with Pooplow since he was 8. 20 years ago when he had blue hair, Cattystack met Pooplow. Then the fire from Pooplow's fart burned his hair leaving his orange fur.

Cattystack is known to be less educated and more level-headed than Pooplow. He has an fear of dogs like other cats. He also has an crush on Fame Kitty, an "famous" orange cat friend of him and Pooplow. He is now Fame Kitty's boyfriend, since "Love Fart".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Cattystack has 2 hearts because when his 1st heart came out his told him that.

20 years ago, Cattystack had hair and then it burned off. When his hair burned off is fur didn't.

Cattystack is in love with Fame Kitty and first kissed her in the Valentine Special.

In MEOW!, Cattystack dances to "Cats, I'm a Kitty Cat".

He feels awkward when somebody saids his species' science named "Felis Catus".

His job is working at Scratch as Scratch Cat, but could be not.

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