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Catstar "Fame Kitty" Cat
Pooplow and Cattystack character
Fame Kitty
Gender Female
Species/Thing Felis Catus (Cat)
Backround Infomation
First Appearance Hall Fart
Upload by Rogerzown
Friends Pooplow (friend)

Cattystack (boyfriend)

Fame Kitty is a another cat in the series.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Fame Kitty is an female orange cat who looks "famous". She first appeared in Hall Fart. When Cattystack first saw her, he want to date her. Her name titles that she is famous, even though she's not. She is smarter than Pooplow, making her the smartest of Pooplow's friends. It is unknown if she scared of dogs like Cattystack. She also owns an place of farters who fart atomic fires. She could been an actoress before she moved to Fartsburg.

Life[edit | edit source]

She was likely born 28 years ago like Pooplow and Cattystack. In her young life, she probably was an famous actoress, which could be the reason why her name is "Fame Kitty". About 20 years later, she moved to Fartsburg to start The Hall of Fart. In Hall Fart, she met Pooplow and Cattystack, and Pooplow farted to get into the hall. In Love Fart, Cattystack and Fame Kitty finally became boyfriend-girlfriend.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Building Owner (Hall Fart)

"Famous" Actoress (Before the series)

Love Interests[edit | edit source]

Cattystack - Love Fart, Rose, Hall Fart (this episode is before Fame Kitty dates him)

Pooplow - Hall Fart (Only because he farted extremely large)

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